German Shepherd Husky Mix

German Shepherd Husky MixGerman Shepherd and Siberian Husky hybrid dog is called the Gerberian Shepsky or German Shepherd Husky Mix. This dog breed is the combination of two types of pure breeds, which makes it aptly called as a hybrid or designer kind of dog. Aside from its fascinating appearance, the Gerberian Shepsky is known for its mild temperament. In fact, it is a social, intelligent, agile and loyal dog, much like its parents. Because of these traits, you can count on this breed to serve as an excellent guard dog and watch dog to keep you and your properties safe.

Most hybrid dogs also function in various tasks including police work, guarding and weight pulling, to name a few. With good amounts of time for socialization, you can rely on these dogs to work well with young children including domesticated pets. If provided with plenty of TLC, you can expect this dog breed to live for up to 13 years. Mature Geberian Shepskys can reach a maximum height of 25 inches and weigh as much as 88 pounds.


The Gerberian Shepsky originates from the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky breeds of dogs. They are known to be social, playful, alert and reliable breeds, and they share most of the traits from their parent breeds. These dogs get along with people of all ages, as long as they are provided with sufficient amounts of socialization.

It is also worth noting that these dogs make excellent pets for families. This breed is renowned for its innate ability to protect their owners. You can often see these dogs playing and socializing with their owners, as well as with other pets in the household.


As with any breeds, it is important that you give them ample training for socialization, particularly when they are still puppies. This way, they can instill within themselves positive traits that will make them get along perfectly well with children and any house pets you may have at home.

Since these breeds are specifically loyal to their owners, you cannot expect them to be as warm and friendly to strangers. They tend to be suspicious of people who are not within the household, which means you can assign these dogs to guard or watch over your properties. With this in mind, having these dogs around at home can give you the peace of mind that your properties are well-protected.

Notable for their social nature, you will often find these dogs playing and eager to get hours of exercise. They are active and vibrant, and it is important that you give them enough time to exhaust all their energy, so they will not behave negatively at home. Regular walks with your dog and a few minutes a day spent playing with your dog can help shape your pet into a loving and adorable creature.

Physical Attributes

Just like their parent dogs, a German Shepherd Husky Mix has long and thick coat, which means it is prone to shedding. There are some who shed so much throughout the year, while others may only shed moderately. They also have lush double coats, and this would require regular and thorough grooming. Be sure to comb their hairs using a brush with firm bristles to ensure the shine and beauty of their coat. Ear cleaning should also be done regularly to prevent infections or other issues in this part of their body.

Common Health Concerns

There are several medical conditions you should know that may affect your German Shepherd Husky Mix. These dogs are prone to various issues including eye disorders (juvenile cataracts), blood diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, bloating, and digestive problems. There are also some concerns when it comes to keratitis, eczema, perianal fistulas, flea allergies and dwarfism. You should also watch out for some common ailments in this breed such as splenic tumors, Von Willebrand’s disease, ectopy or displacement of urethra, degenerative myelitis, and endocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

However, these health concerns are more common in pure breeds, which means these are more likely to be experienced by their parents. On the other hand, hybrids such as the Gerberian Shepsky usually have less health problems than pure breeds.

Exercise and Training

The Gerberian Shepsky is naturally smart and eager to learn. With this temperament and natural attitude, they may be quite easy to train. However you need to keep in mind that although you may not find much difficulty training this breed, these dogs still have an independent and innate behavior. So, you need to offer a positive and rewarding experience to them every training session.

Generally, you can expect these dogs to obey your commands, and you only need to be more patient when teaching or training them. Keep in mind that proper training is a must for any dog, so you should remain dedicated when it comes to training and making your dog learn new tricks or basic skills.

Provide your pet with ample time to walk and run with you. It is necessary to walk your dog every day for at least a few minutes. Long walks done regularly will help sustain the physical and mental health of your dog. This can also prevent them from acting wild and untamed. Just be sure to use a leash when you walk your dog and walk ahead of it, so your pet will know that you are the leader instead of the follower.

Additional Facts

Various organizations in the country such as the American Canine Hybrid and the Dog Registry of America recognize this breed as one of the finest choices for a pet. You may use this site to find the best name for your pet, including you still do not have any. Look for an interesting name that suits your dog perfectly, and you may also click here for ideas.

Life Expectancy

According to studies, the Gerberian Shepsky can live to a maximum of 13 years. However, it is possible for the life expectancy to become lower or higher, depending on how well you take care of your pet. These years are only estimates, yet numerous factors affect their life such as type of home, food, water and unconditional love and affection.

Color of Coat and Other Features

This breed of dog is indeed the outcome of its parents, so you can expect them to look just like their parents. Among the different colors of coat that the Gerberian Shepsky has include red, white, light brown, cream, black and brown, and gray. They also have a double coat, and this functions as a protection to them when the weather is intensely cold. Since these dogs have some similarities with their parents, you may notice that these dogs have the same skull shape, muzzle, ears and eyes.

Physical Traits

The average weight of the German Shepherd Husky Mix breed is 45 pounds, while others may reach up to 88 pounds. As for the height, there are those that can grow up to 20 inches, and other dogs can attain a maximum 25 inches in total height. These numbers, though, may vary from one dog to another since proper nourishment and general health impact these factors.


These hybrid dogs are fairly loving and loyal to owners. They are dedicated to their owners, although they may be overprotective at times. German Shepherd Siberian Husky Hybrid DogYou can count on these dogs to remain gentle to you, and they prefer to spend more time with you – so be sure to give them the luxury of receiving much of your love and attention.

If you are bothered whether these dogs are great to own when you have small kids, then there is nothing to fear. Gerberian Shepsky dogs are find with children, as long as you provide ample socialization to these creatures to let them spend their excess energy. Thus, expect to walk these dogs as regularly as possible and let them play for hours to prevent them from having a lousy and wild attitude towards all people including their owners.

Facts about the Parent Breeds

To understand better how Gerberian Shepsky dogs are like, you may want to have an overview of their parent breeds. For instance, the Siberian Husky is a type of dog that follows the commands of those who have a dominating and strong voice. They have so much respect to those they consider as the leader of the pack, which is what owners should possess.

German Shepherds, however, are generally friendly, keen, alert, confident and brave dogs. So, you can expect your Gerberian Shepsky to possess the traits of both the German shepherd and the Siberian husky.

Dealing with Others

As a whole, there should be no issues when it comes to socializing with your dog. You may even allow these dogs to play with your children because these creatures are naturally warm and caring to their pet owners and family members. Just be sure to tell your kids to avoid teasing or playing with the dog as it eats. Remind your kids about this fact, so they can avoid getting into a negative encounter with an angry dog, particularly when that dog is theirs.

Proper Care

Since a Gerberian Shepsky is much like its parents, these dogs are not exempted from shedding. At certain point in a year, these dogs may shed heavily or moderately. So, be sure to have its double coat groomed on a regular basis to prevent health issues linked with poor maintenance and care.

Maintaining Physical Health

You should make sure that your dog receives a well-balanced diet and daily exercise to ensure its good health and positive disposition. Exercise includes daily long walks, which may last between 10 to 15 minutes a day. You can also play with your dog while walking it regularly. Think of games or toys that your dog likes the most, and be sure to bring this when you get a chance to walk your pet. If possible, long walks may be done during the morning and evening, so you can also benefit from the exercise that will also do your health a huge favor.

Overall, this breed is rather simple to care for, and these facts about the dog can help you decide further if this dog is for you, or if you are better off not having this hybrid dog as a pet. If you prefer a fun, social, responsible and loyal pet, then this dog is suitable for your needs. You will appreciate much love and affection you can gain from this dog because of its generally mild nature and sense of loyalty to its owner.